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**This is a headpiece. NOT a headdress. Headpieces do not have a full backing and are similar to a headband in style.**


All Kayla Douglas ArtistryHead pieces and  headdresses are hand crafted by Kayla herself. Headdresses cannot be recreated as each design is completely custom. If youd like to request a headdress, select the custom headdress tab and we will discuss your vision and color scheme. Headpieces are a headband style headpiece. headpieces do not have a full backing on them that wraps around the entire skull. Headpieces range from $250-$375. Headdresses vary from $500-$1000 depending on the size and materials used. All headdresses feature a full wire frame base that goes completely around the skull like a cap for optimum comfort and movability.

Dark Fairy Headpiece