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adobe , adobe photoshop , adobe photoshop  cs ,, adobe photoshop cs , adobe photoshop cs ,... Data repository --------------- [ /* Copyright (c) 2012-2017 The ANTLR Project. All rights reserved. * Use of this file is governed by the BSD 3-clause license that * can be found in the LICENSE.txt file in the project root. */ #include "misc/Interval.h" #include "TokenStream.h" #include "ATNState.h" #include "misc/IntervalSet.h" #include "antlr4-common.h" #include "Lexer.h" #include "Tokens.h" namespace antlr4 { static const size_t kMinArrayCapacity = 4; bool TokenStream::empty() const { return tokens.empty(); } void TokenStream::clear() { tokens.clear(); bool TokenStream::hasPrevious() const { return stream->getState() == ATNState::EOF; // When TokenStream changes, it must call reset() in the ATNState, or // the alternative state will be out of sync. ATNState::ErrorType TokenStream::peekNext() { switch (stream->getState()) { case ATNState::EOF: return ATNState::END_OF_STREAM; case ATNState::ATTR_NOTATION_NAME: // We would like to start parsing in ATTR_NOTATION_NAME state, but it // is not possible because the precedence of annotation is higher than // EOF state. The AST will require 3 states to handle a state like




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Crack Adobe Photoshop Cs 80 15

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